Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I come from a great big beautiful family tree, with branches that could touch the sky and with roots reachin’ all corners of the world.
Unfortunately, I was the last of my kind – the last leaf on the last branch at the top.  I’m just thankful that God sent Ely along my way.  And I’m lucky as can be that Ely, being the curious mischievous boy that he was, was more than eager to climb this lonely tree, and listen to the stories it had to tell. 
Looking over the small hills to the West, We laid witness to the first Spring shower, blurring the horizon line that divides, or more correctly, that connects the earth with the sky.  It is, as they say, their common bond.  As the sun sank below the misty horizon, the sky tickled the earth with a bolt of lightning, and the earth reacted back with the laughter of rumbling thunder.  The steady downpour of stories carried from far away travels by the migrating clouds saturated the young attentive hills soaking them with history and seeding them for generations to come.